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Naturism and Topfreedom: How Naturist Men Can Help (and Hurt)


DC Volleyball 1 FC Sand Volleyball Courts, Peter’s Point, Rock Creek Park and Potomac Parkway, Washington D.C. May 2016. One of the more common “criticisms” of my walks through urban places is that I shouldn’t walk bare-chested where men don’t appear bare-chested. Aside from the obvious fallacies in that argument, I offer this photograph, taken less than a mile from my M Street walk, right in the heart of the city. Male bare-chestedness has become so normalized we don’t really see it anymore.

Right up front, the effects of the naturist male voice in the topfreedom conversation is a delicate subject for me.

Delicate because I personally appreciate the backing of naturists who support topfreedom for authentic reasons, (body positivity, gender equality, etc,) but I also hear a chord of inauthenticity from some who identify as male naturists.

I haven’t done the exact figuring, but I would guess that a majority percentage of my…

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Nipples, Social Isolation and Facebook: using shame to control women


Blog Insta 4 (2) Washington Memorial, National Mall, Washington D.C. Summer 2015.

Shame is a feeling of social rejection and isolation, and almost nothing in human emotion can rival its power.

We are social creatures, we feel secure in groups, and when a group sets us outside its boundaries we feel vulnerable and exposed and terrified.

Lone zebras get eaten.

I walk bare-chested because I enjoy the feeling of freedom it gives me.  I started quietly walking bare-chested publicly two years ago.  The vast majority of my interactions with passersby were and remain neutral or positive, but there was a learning curve in those early walks.  A Washington D.C. police officer once stopped me and said, “It may be legal [to be bare-chested], but we’re going to arrest you anyway, because it’s unreasonable.”

He did not arrest me.  I had broken no law.  He was just trying to use his perceived power to shame…

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Nudity and vulnerability

Naturist Philosopher

Is there anyone, except perhaps a few veteran naturists/nudists, who doesn’t think that being naked around other people ? not only strangers but even people we know well ? can produce strong feelings of vulnerability? Vulnerability is a topic we’ve touched on somewhat before, but the time seems right to go into some depth about it.

It will take a few posts to do justice to the subject. First we have to ask, what is “vulnerability”? Don’t bother looking in the dictionary. We need to go deeper than that. Let’s just start with examples, aside from being naked, of when we typically have feelings of vulnerability. The list could be long, but includes having a first date with someone new, going to a job interview, having to speak in front of an audience, and having a candid discussion with a significant other. All these examples involve situations where we have…

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Love unlimited: or why Polyamory is good for you!

Source: Love unlimited: or why Polyamory is good for you!

Identity, Attraction, Relationship Terms

Source: Identity, Attraction, Relationship Terms

Where Are The Naturist Females?


Although I’ve been a naturist since my late teens, most of my naturist activities were either on naturist holidays or at home.  However 2 years ago I presented myself in public to promote naturism/acceptance of nudity and tried to find other females to join me only to find that although there are plenty of naturist men in the public domain & on social media, the females are very hard to find.  I have been asked the question “Why are there not more females into naturism in the UK?” quite a number of times, so I decided to give it some thought and write something to let you ponder over! So this post is about what I believe might be the reasons for this imbalance.

I do not claim to be an expert but being a female I feel I can shed some light on this.  There are some people who have deeper understanding…

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Naked notes from a balconey

I agree!!

The Naturist Page

I wish society would realize that we as a race are the sole species that are clothed compared to our animal friends. It is sad that every day we walk our dogs, cats, ferrets etc and look at them without the same issue as if a human body were to walk in nature as nature was intended… Society automatically wants to call it sexual. Because of society we are forced to cover up because people automatically assume that nakedness equals sexuality. It’s wrong to think in that nature. The human body is beautiful in all shapes and sizes. Naturists don’t look at appearance. We accept everyone as they are, regardless of looks. Naturists only judge based on you train of thought. Love your body and be happy you are here. Everyone is unique on their own special way. Just be yourself

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